Nature and the Soldier


Robert Loring

Nature and the Soldier


A Sociologist once told me that the world's social engineers invented cities so that man would have less time to think and act as an individual and less time to be a man. In many ways I think this Sociologist is not far from the mark. Combine urbanization with heterosexualization and a man gets so wrapped up in consumerism and the daily grind of work that he has little time to think for himself and even less time to act like a natural male because he grows more and more distant from nature and the natural.

Urbanization has turned us all into little more than consuming machines. Thanks to television and other attention grabbing media most of us don't really have to think any more because we can simply turn on the boob-tube and "forget about it all." For many of us our daily lives are so routine that someone watching us might think we are little more than trained rats who walk on two legs through a maze. And this is life?

Urbanization and heterosexualization both combine and gradually rob a male of his natural connection with nature but they also rob a male of his innate masculinity. As man loses touch with nature he becomes more urbanized and falls deeper into the pit of heterosexualization. He moves further and further away from nature and the natural within his own self. Nature becomes a stranger to him and so does his innate natural masculinity as he shuns the natural part of himself to fit more into the enslaving molds of urbanization and heterosexualization. The man, in turn, eventually becomes a stranger to his own natural self.

A recent article regarding a drop in interest of hunting and fishing reflects some of this I think. The article can be found at

All across the nation interest in hunting and fishing is dropping in record numbers among young males who are far more interested in spending their time sitting in front of their computers than getting out an connecting with nature. This is a consequence of urbanization and heterosexualization. This is a consequence of the feminization of males across our society in every socio-economic group. Not so long ago most males spent a majority of their time with other males and out in the midst of nature but this has all changed today. Today many males spend most of their time alone secluded in their homes or offices in front of their computers and televisions. Getting out in nature is the furthest thing from their minds. Getting to know the natural part of themselves is distant as well in their minds.

Hunting, and to some extent fishing, have traditionally and historically been ways in which societies have taught their young men to be warriors and soldiers. Many of the necessary skills and expertise for war can be acquired through hunting and fishing. In many tribal societies the men who are hunters and fishers are also the men who serve as warriors and soldiers. Getting out in nature makes a man reconnect with his roots of natural manhood. The more time he spends in nature the more he reconnects with his own innate masculinity and the more time he has to actually think. And the more time a man of any age spends in nature the better he's able to see through the sham of urbanization and heterosexualization.

I'm not advocating that every one of you immediately go out, buy a gun, purchase a hunting/fishing license, and go kill something but I AM advocating that you go out and spend more time in nature. Urbanization and heterosexualization has blinded us to what is real and natural in all men. Most of us need to rediscover that we can actually think. Most of us need to rediscover that we are MORE than consumer machines! And most of us need to start punching holes in the masks of urbanization and heterosexualization and GET BACK to nature so we can get back in touch with our own natural masculinity.

Once you get out in nature (your NATURAL habitat by the way) you'll begin to notice just how quickly you become more SPARTAN! It will surprise you just how quickly you shed the skin of urbanization and heterosexualization and how quickly you lose your socially engineered inhibitions. But what will really surprise you is how quickly that natural WARRIOR and SOLDIER will arise from within you! And it's there in EVERY MALE!

Go out in the wilderness with some buddies and watch how fast your little group becomes something akin to a regiment of SPARTAN WARRIORS if not in fact then at least in thought and similarity. You will see the innate WARRIOR quickly arise in both yourself and in your buddies. All of you will lose your inhibitions around each other and don't be surprised if you find yourselves running around the wilds dawning nothing but your underwear or nothing at all. And what will really shock you is that no one in your little group will give a second thought to the male nudity because within a short while in the wilds NATURAL MASCULINITY and all that goes with it (including Frot) will QUICKLY become NORMAL. You'll be astounded by just how fast you and your male buddies return to the historical and traditional NORM of natural manhood.

You don't have to go hunting or fishing because you can simply go camping for a day or two. The point is getting out in nature and rediscovering yourself in your own NATURAL STATE and nature IS the natural state of man. Urbanization and heterosexualization are NOT even though many of us have been brainwashed into thinking they are our natural states. When it comes right down to it, you can take man out of nature BUT you CAN'T take nature out of man even though urbanization and heterosexualization try their best to do just that.

Getting out in nature alone or with buddies is one way YOU can FIGHT against the garbage that urbanization and heterosexualization has handed us so UN-graciously. It is a way for you to rediscover your natural masculinity and lose your socially engineered inhibitions. It's also a great way to begin to THINK again instead of sitting in front of your TV and computer as if you are some sort of robot machine who knows nothing but how to consume. And, getting out in the wilds is an excellent way for you to RESURRECT the innate WARRIOR and SOLDIER within you! When you return from your hunting, fishing, and/or camping trip you'll be better able to see through the garbage and societal lies that have been handed to you. You'll return to the urban setting as a WARRIOR and SOLDIER better equipped in your own mind to FIGHT BACK. You will come to honor yourself instead of continuing to dishonor yourself by licking up the lies and myths of feminization, urbanization, heterosexualization, and the BFD. You'll discover that your desire to spend even MORE time in the wilderness grows immensely within you because you'll come to realize that it is nature, the WARRIOR, the SOLDIER, the HUNTER, the FISHER that IS your natural state of being. And at the same time you'll come to realize that all the urbanization, heterosexualization, and feminization is NOT natural to you at all.

Urbanization and heterosexualization along with our society's insane attempts to feminize males does a BIG number on males psychologically, spiritually, and even physically. It all destroys us because that is their intent to begin with. They all attempt to take what is natural to man and destroy it from the inside out. All of the consumer and technological driven male isolation is about destroying the natural BROTHERHOOD that exists between men. When you begin to be a part of nature again you will be surprised just how fast you lose all that shame, guilt, anger, anxiety, and depression that so plagues so many urbanized males today. That in itself will be a VICTORY for YOU and for we who are your BROTHERS in the wilderness.

Give nature a try and see what happens and let us know about your WILDERNESS experience. Tell us your story of how YOU recaptured the WARRIOR and SOLDIER within you! Share with us how you came to know nature as your friend instead of your enemy, something to be feared, ignored, and conquered.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Nature and the Soldier


Thank you Robert.

The Greeks believed that hunting was essential to the making of both the Warrior and the Man.

For example, in his treatise on hunting with hounds, the Cynegeticus, Xenophon, the pro-Spartan Athenian military man who we discuss at length in The Strife of Valour, argues, says classicist Werner Jaeger, that there's a "close connection between hunting and the training of young men in kalokagathia [nobility and goodness]" -- that is, that ponos, the hardship endured in hunting, builds character.

To read more about Xenophon's views, ck out Warrior Chris's Reclaiming Our Nobility as Men.

And guys, Robert Loring is the author of

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In his reply to A Community of Men, Robert says

When we allow gay culture to conquer us so that we submit to things we detest a piece of us dies inside and that is most often our masculinity. But this part of us can be resurrected and rise like the great Phoenix Bird from out of the midst of its own ashes. That resurrection comes when we make the conscious and purposeful choice to simply be ourselves. To simply be men who love other men, frot, and men who truly love to experience real love with other men.

In his reply to A Confirmation of Masculinity, Robert says

Frot men promote each others manhood and masculinity rather than try to destroy it. Frot men do not seek to depersonalize their partners nor to rob them or themselves of their human manly dignity. Frot is, therefore, not only healthy physically but, in my opinion, it is also healthy psychologically and spiritually. It promotes the man rather than destroys the man.

And in his reply to Why Warriors, Robert says

The Greeks had the right idea and concept. As you say Bill, "They expected men who loved men to be masculine and monogamous, and they were." You also state, "and if we change our expectations, we'll change behavior" which relates to the basic premise of Cognitive Psychology (change the thinking, change the behavior). You are RIGHT and you couldn't be more right Bill. Edgar Cayce once said, "Mind is the Builder, Spirit is the Life, Physical is the Result". Our thoughts form our perceptions and expectations and as we change our thinking we also change our behavior.

"As we change our thinking we also change our behavior."

While in "Procrustean" Robert warns about "those who are defeated in their own minds."

The choice is clear: we can change our thinking; or be defeated in our own minds and suffer psychological, spiritual, and physical death.

Thank you Robert.

Bill Weintraub

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