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Warriors Speak is our archive of the thousands of posts and emails I and other warriors have received over the past five years.

The sixty-five posts and replies indexed on our main Warriors Speak page date primarily from the first year of our existence, but include others as well which are particularly representative of the thinking of Frot men and of the Frot Movement and the way both have evolved over the years.

So it's *very important* that interested Frot men read all the posts indexed on the main Warriors Speak page.

But the archived posts found on *this* page are also important.

For taken together with the posts on our first Warriors Speak page, they constitute a complete "oral history" of Frot men and the Frot Movement at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.

In them, guys have shared with me and their fellow warriors their fantasies, their hopes,  and their true life stories.

These first person accounts are invaluable. There's simply nothing more compelling or more real.

These true life stories are the heart of our club and the heart of our movement. Posted here and in Personal Stories, there are now more than 4000 of them. I hope you'll read them all. I think you'll find them to be, as I have, awesomely empowering.

And I encourage you to tell your own story, and either send it to me for posting, or post it yourself in Personal Stories. What you have to say constitutes a unique oral history. Don't let it be lost. Write it down and put it out there for your brother warriors and fellow frot men to hear.

Please note:

The posts in Warriors Speak appeared originally on our club's Personal Stories message board; they're archived here essentially as they first appeared, with their original replies as well.

For convenience, the indexes of Warriors Speak are presented on seven separate pages.

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aggression and the beauty of guys "Aggression and the beauty of guys who asserted that aggression was what first attracted me to wrestling and fighting..."

The Warrior Within "Ever since childhood, I have always admired warriors especially ancient Greeks and Romans. I did not only find them awesome but even erotic. This fascination has grown within me and has become me..."

The Real Possibilities of Love "If more men were educated about frottage, more and more would do it, enjoy it, and be quite happy about it. And in a non binary society, non guilt society they wouldn't have a crisis of sexual identity afterward. "Oh my god, I just came with a guy, does that mean I'm gay?" No. It means you are human. It means you are a man. It means you can give and receive affection from a friend, and still be a MAN. People need to free their minds, and free their bodies."

Not a fetish Warrior Dave, a TX college student, speaks of how coming out as a Frot man in his liberal community results in constant derision.

Even though, says Dave, it's clear that Frot is mutually and highly pleasurable genital sex; while anal is a fetish -- and an unpleasant one.

The Greatest Gift Says a young man who was expelled from a Christian farming community, "God bless you for your Web site. I already see where I am coming back to my old self because of the confidence I have about my manhood. This is the greatest gift God has given after life and, someday, immortality and eternal life through Jesus Christ."

Homophobes Is it homophobic to be critical of anal penetration?

Is it homophobic to allow HIV and HPV to continue to spread among gay men?

You decide.

The Inner Sanctum "Anal penetration hurts. It exposes you to life-threatening infections. It degrades the ordinary performance of the anus."

RAPE CULTURE Can a person consent to an act of degradation?

RAPE CULTURE is one of the most important message threads on the site.

BOYCOTT Brokeback Mountain Our call for a boycott of an analist lie brings many important responses from Warriors Mark, Jedi, Robert Loring, Greg Milliken, Ken, Logan McClintock, Don Frazer, and myself.

Brokeback is an agent of analism.

And analism is the enemy of humanity.

The Templars Noble knights and Frot.

New to Frot A gay-identified disabled man has long feared anal. Here we've shown him another way.

With an important Robert Loring reply:

"Religion has tried to make many of us "straight" but their efforts fail. You cannot change something that is NATURAL in MAN. Frot is natural for males and since it's natural it can also be said to be god-given."

UFC Ultimate Fighter Fightin and Frot -- it's hot and it's on Spike says Warrior Boomer.

Straight8 Acting?? Another incisive Robert Loring post: "What is acting about straight8 acting gay men? It's NOT acting at all in my opinion. Straight8 acting gay men are masculine men just trying to be themselves and they are not acting at all nor do they have any desire to act and try to be something they are not. I think it is the tops and bottoms who are doing all the acting."

Two men can be one in body, mind, and spirit -- we all agree.

But how do you find that man who's right for you.

Posts from Eric, Tommy, Greg Milliken, Bill G, Pete Wrestlerdude, Robert Loring, and myself.

I'm a A straight man who loves men, says Jake, and "happening upon this site has opened my mind to a whole different concept..."

Feeling Great says Griffin after coming out as a Frot Man to his brother and co-workers -- and meeting a GREAT GUY right here on this site!!!

Pure male sexuality "2 males frotting cock, nothing about being straight or bi or gay or top or bottom. Just 2 real males exploring each other's sexuality."

Society's Procrustean Bed Society today, says Warrior Jim, is trying to force every human being into a Procrustean bed of either gay or straight, rather than respecting a "man standing on his own before God and the world, taking action and making decisions based on his own conscience without hiding behind social expectations or the approval of some church body or other hierarchy."

Includes some great Greek art -- and a POWERFUL Robert Loring reply.

minefields of the mind Does gender theory have any validity at all?

intercourse not outercourse Is Frot sexual intercourse?

The answer may surprise you.

Death of a Frot Brother "He was TAUGHT and he LEARNED and he CONFORMED to the analists! Why? Because he thought that to be a gay male demands one engage in anal sex with another male. He thought this because he was TAUGHT this was so by one of the analists he hooked up with when he moved to the city! Apparently, he had greatly enjoyed his frot experiences while still living in the small town he had grown up in. Apparently, he had thought that frot was NORMAL between males and this man had maintained his masculinity."

"BUT, once he moved to the city and hooked up with other gay males he quickly found out that what he had enjoyed and thought to be normal M2M sex was NOT acceptable in the BFD culture. And so, this masculine male who once loved to frot with other males was transformed into an effeminate butt-fucker as he conformed to the dictates of the BFD and the world has LOST yet ANOTHER MASCULINE MALE!"

Defeated in their own minds What prevents Frot men from acting more forcefully for their own liberation?

One answer, brilliantly phrased by Robert Loring, is that too many are "defeated in their own minds."

Learn how to vanquish that defeat and FIGHT BACK.

Warriors or Soldiers Which are needed in our battle to reach our fellow men?

memories reawakened Warrior Doug recalls his instinctive realization that guys are supposed to hump cock to cock.

A Tale of Two Tattoos Which would you choose?

To be stabbed in the back by an analist "friend?"

Or to fight for your life -- Death Before Dishonor?

NEW: Warrior Christendom and WARRIORS! Why does Masculinity matter?

Because we are MEN and FROT is NATURAL to MEN.

Warrior Christendom "The history of Christianity," says Robert Loring, "reflects that it is a religion of Soldiers and Warriors!"

This is a vital essay about religion, culture, and masculinity.


In this message thread, we look at how these ideals play out in warrior cultures, and introduce the vital concept of VIR -- VIRILIS -- VIRTUS.

Related post:

WARRIORS! A terrific message thread on the Warrior Ethos, with posts from George, Naked Wrestler, Robert Loring, and myself.

Not to be missed.

too male A meditation upon the Masculinity of FROT, and the ways in which that Masculinity offends our effeminized culture.

Richly illustrated.

MAN-PHOBIA: Fired for being into UFC In which Naked Wrestler, a former collegiate freestyle wrestler who now trains in mixed martial arts / UFC-style fighting, is fired from a white-collar job because -- he trains in a combat sport in his free time.

Hard to believe but true.

This is a seminal post, with replies from Robert Loring, Greg Milliken, and myself, and with great pix too!

Death Before Dishonor That's what Greek patriots and tyrannicides Harmodius and Aristogeiton chose when they refused to let a dictator anally violate their relationship.

With a forceful Robert Loring response.

Jesus and the Truth Further meditations by Robert Loring, author of Warrior Christendom, on Jesus as the perfect example of Masculinity and of what it means to be a true Warrior.

With strong replies from Warriors Blackjack and JM.

honor and integrity Warrior JM is a straight-identified guy into kickboxing and jiu-jitsu who prefers hangin with his true-blue and honorable working-class buddies to his middle-class neighbors.

And JM is also beginning to acknowledge the sexual feelings he has for some of those guys.

Are his feelings normal?

The Warrior Ethos Can your life as a MAN be saved?

Yes, says Robert Loring, in this excellent and very powerful post:


Don't miss this richly illustrated essay which includes strong replies from Warrior Jim and myself.

The Fallacy of the Feminine Is masculinity the root of all evil?

And do all men have a feminine side?

THE POWER OF THE MASCULINE For more than a century, a terrible lie has controlled the lives of Men.

Learn the TRUTH about Masculine Men and their need for other Masculine Men.

Richly illustrated and essential reading.

NATURAL MASCULINITY and the weight of the lies What was life like in a PRE-heterosexualized culture in which Natural Masculinity flourished?

Find out in this lavishly illustrated look at the ancient Greeks.

A culture of mistrust

AIDS treatment linked to severe brain damage

10% of New HIV Cases Carry Mutant Strain

NY Times creams its jeans for drag; Harvard honors "Transgender Leader"; Frat boys fined for mocking Brokeback

Syphilis up 87% among gay men

Good news for drug makers Includes a Robert Loring reply.

MAN2MAN ALLIANCE FUNDRAISER Includes a Robert Loring reply.

Fundraiser is very slow -- please help

I need some answers A confused "Christian" asks for some help, and gets answers from Oscar Vallejo, Robert Loring, Bill G, and Greg Milliken.

I have everything I could ever want

Can't handle it

Kicked-out for dancing

Screaming bloody murder

Remember Essays by Warrior Robert Moseley

Channeling Judy

need help from my cock brothers etc

Death wish or assisted suicide?

the appropriate role for a masculine man

Rush, the attack, etc.

A Man's Word & Bond

Why aren't Frot Men part of the AIDS prevention picture?

Huge percentage jump in gay HIV infection

frot and health professionals

Warrior Thought for the Day

standing up for what is right

Frot promotional slogans ... just for fun


wrestling with a friend

risk behavior, risk behavior, risk behavior, risk behavior

Fighting is Man. Man is Good.

Rise in Aussie MSM HIV infections attributed to "accidents"; new HIV treatment fraught with danger

Gay AIDS reporter gets infected; says he doesn't want to know why

Working for nothing

holding and being held, rubbing cocks and enjoying male pleasure

Gay Day 2006: on the suppression of dissent

Pride. Not.

Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail

Attraction to women

analism a form of scat / oral=cannibalism

New HIV drug causes fatal bleeding; toxicity among other HIV drugs a major concern

Freeballing is good

Less than a "Real Man"

from longhouse to hidey-hole

honorable and sexy

fasting church

Situation in Scotland

Analism a recent phenom?

Life in the trash heap

A Box That Fits

The defamation of male love

PEP and HIV big winners at Outgames

THE POWER OF THE MASCULINE For more than a century, a terrible lie has controlled the lives of Men.

Learn the TRUTH about Masculine Men and their need for other Masculine Men.

Richly illustrated and essential reading.

Are some men naturally MACHO?

HIV prevalence up 16% in Canada; drug toxicity, depression seen in aging HIVers



Fighting is good

Natural Masculinity and Phallic Bonding

male identity

Living with HIV not easy

balls and the man

natural war and wmd

the Man area

Frot in Europe vs the US

AIDS at 25: Celebs swarm to Toronto AIDS Conference

AIDS at 25: Barebackin in DC

AIDS at 25: Culture wars at white heat

AIDS at 25: Making condoms stylish for everyone

AIDS at 25: Co-infection worries soar; Homosexuals compared to prostitutes

men without marriage

How effective have MSM condom campaigns actually been?

Gay HIV rate skyrocketing


resistance and evolution

Death peddlers

The Decline of Masculinity in The Machine Stops

dental health is important

Gender reassignment

Feminist quote of the day: Our phallocentric military

AIDS at 25: Good-bye Toronto

Go Shirtless: In support of a brother!!

"terrible, irreversible damage" -- Dr. Myron Cohen on AIDS, anal, and HIV


touching penises when hugging

What are they thinking?

frot sex not a fetish



NY Times goes gaga for the girl within, endorses prison buttfucking

Warriors or Soldiers?

A Woman's Viewpoint: Guys doing Frot is extremely erotic to me

Creating a Masculine, socially dignified space: Loving a Man as a Man

AIDS Awareness Campaign Calls HIV a "Gay Disease"


A Toast to all Frot-brothers! (9)

While society slouches towards matriarchy, single-sex schools make a comeback -- is the agoge far behind? (6) Includes Robert Loring's brilliant Parable of Little Brother.

About Ted Haggard (7)

bludgeoned (9) Includes Redd's comments on culture and sexuality.

The White Party vs Black Africa

cuntboys and fascism (10)

Bonds Among Soldiers, World War I (10)

Field of Queens (4)

The Warrior God (0)

Those are our posts.

From Don Frazer's The Romance of Frot

to WARRIORS!, one of our many explorations of the Warrior Ethos

more than 700 pages and 2000 individual statements.

I hope you'll read all of them. And I hope you'll contribute to them. You'll be stronger for it, and I know you'll be proud, just as I am, to be a Frot Man and Cockrub Warrior.



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